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USA-patented, FDA-cleared pain gadget released in city

US-based neurologist M. Krishna Kant (right) demonstrating the Chronic Pain Relief gadget on Andhra Hospitals CEO P V Ramana Murthy, in Vijayawada on Sunday.- Photo: Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar

04VJCITYPAGE4GA_04_2682668fA US-patented, FDA-cleared gadget that gives relief to chronic pain was released in Andhra Pradesh here on Sunday.

Andhra group of hospitals CEO P.V. Ramana Murthy releasing the Chronic Pain Relief Wand, marketed by Ritwik Pharma, at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Hall said that it was a matter of pride for the Telugus that a team led by US based Telugu doctor, neurologist and sleep medicine specialist M. Krishna Kant could get FDA clearance and patent rights for the pain relief gadget.

He said only the very best medicines and gadgets usually get FDA clearance. Dr. Krishna Kant said that the invention of the pain relief gadget was need driven because of the lack of effective treatment options for chronic pain. He said the medical devise was powerful enough to relieve moderate to severe pain within minutes in a non-pharmaceutical and non invasive manner.

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Why aren’t big hospitals coming to Vijayawada?

Vijayawada’s overpriced real estate and a number of other factors are inhibiting investment in the hospital sector. Leaders in the sector say it will be years before state-of-the-art healthcare finds a home in the city.

Contrary to popular expectations, bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has not led to big hospitals rushing to Vijayawada to set up shop here. In fact, investments in the health sector in Vijayawada were better before bifurcation. For instance, Kamineni Hospital and Manipal Hospital and a few other healthcare companies set up their branches here before bifurcation.

Curiously, investments in this sector have plunged since bifurcation, despite the announcement that the new capital would be located between Vijayawada and Guntur.

So Hyderabad and to a lesser extent Chennai continue to be the preferred tertiary healthcare destinations for the citizens of Vijayawada.

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On maternal health and infant care

Two books describing about the care for pregnant women and ailments in infants- treatments by the former national president of the Indian Medical Association Dr G Samaram were released on Wednesday. The books were published by Navaratna Book House.

Former journalist Turlapati Kutumbarao released the book titled ‘Measures to be followed for healthy child and mother (Thalli Bidda Challaga Undalante)’ and the other book titled ‘Pillala Arogya Samasyalu-Chikitsa’ was released by former president of Indian Psychiatric Society Dr Indla Ramasubba Reddy.

Author of the books, Dr Samaram spoke about the content how it can benefit the readers. ‘’The book enables the pregnant women on the steps they need to follow in order to stay healthy and give birth to a baby without complications.

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