a) What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure done to correct the deformities of nose and to enhance the appearance of the nose.

b) How saddle (depressed) nose is corrected?

The depressed part is filled with bone, cartilage or silicon implant.

c) What will happen to the bone, cartilage and silicone?

In a few cases the bone is absorbed and the deformity will appear again. Cartilage from ear is not absorbed but only a small quantity is available. Silicone is not absorbed and it maintains its shape but rarely it may be rejected.

d) Is it possible to correct a crooked (curved) nose?

Crooked nose is corrected by septoplasty and by breaking the nasal bones and aligning them in a proper position.

e) Is it possible to narrow a nose?

Yes. It is possible to narrow a nose

f) Is it possible to correct the tip of nose?