Hair transplantation

Baldness is quite a common problem in youth nowadays. In a few cases it is hereditary.

What are the drugs available to treat baldness?

Solutions, Tablets containing vitamins and minerals and tab. Finesteride are available. These are helpful to reduce hair fall and to stimulate hair growth in areas where hair roots are present. If hair roots are absent these are not useful. The effect is seen after 3 months of continuous treatment.

These drugs are to be continued lifelong. If the drugs are stopped, the effect is lost.

What is the permanent solution to baldness?

Hair transplantation is the permanent method for baldness.

What are the methods of hair transplantation?

There are basically two methods – Strip method and follicular extraction method.

Strip method: It is the commonly done procedure. A strip of skin with hair is taken from the back of head and the defect is closed. With trichopyhtic closure, the scar is barely visible.

FUE method: Individual hair follicles are removed from the back of head.

How hair transplantation is done?

Small slits are made in the skin of bald areas and the hairs are transplanted into these slits.

Does this hair grow?

Yes. The transplanted hair behaves like normal hair. They can be cut. These hairs can be shaved.